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These events are hosted by Rob DiStefano. These "rogue" matches are informal and run within the range rules, physical bounds, and time constraints of normal Cherry Ridge Range member shooting. Non-match shooters may be shooting alongside match shooters. All existing range rules for safety and shooting are in effect, as always. There will be pit scoring. The object is a fun match for competition, the awareness/promotion of large bore single shot 19th century type rifles, and for increased match participation.

These special matches are open to all ANJRPC Cherry Ridge club members. Non club member guests are welcomed if signed in and accompanied by a club member, which requires a $25 guest fee range day pass (note: maximum of two guests per club member, minimum age is 10 years, all children/young adults 10-18 years must be supervised by a parent or guardian). ANJRPC Cherry Ridge Range Rules are always in effect.

For all 200 yard distance matches, the NRA 300 yard MR-63 target face is used, with a 20 round top score of 200. 5 optional non-scoring rounds are allowed for sighter/fouler shots. Shooting time period is 30 minutes. X-ring hits are counted for tie breakers. There is NO club member entry fee, sign up is 8am on match day, shooting starts promptly at 8:30am. Here are the scoring ring diameter dimensions ...

Black Rings
 X ring . . . . . . . . . . 2.85"
10 ring . . . . . . . . . . 5.85"
 9 ring . . . . . . . . . . 8.85"
 8 ring . . . . . . . . .  11.85"
 7 ring . . . . . . . . .  17.75"

Non-Black Rings
 6 ring . . . . . . . . .  23.85"
 5 ring . . . . . . . . .  29.85"

Eye and ear protection must be worn on the firing line and in the target pits.

Shooting squads are three persons - shooter, scorer, target marker - each person takes their turn at one of these tasks. Each shooter fires all 20 rounds for score (5 sighter rounds are optional), then squad tasks are exchanged until each squad member has shot for score.

Walkie talkie communications are used to assist with target marking and squad changes.

When a shooter fires a bullet, the pit target marker pulls down the target and places the neon orange shot marker into the bullet hole on the target, and places the red square clip on the side perimeter of the target that corresponds to the score of that bullet, as such ...

... then the target is sent up to receive the next shot.

When the next bullet hits the target, the target is pulled down, the shot marker is placed into the new hole and the previous hole gets covered up with a dot pasty - black for the center bull and tan for the rest of the target face - the red square clip is moved (if need be) to show the current shot score value.

Rifles are single shot, cartridge load - no muzzle loaders. Cartridges and calibers must be center fire and of the type that could have been be used during 19th century American buffalo hunts. Typical rifle actions are falling block, rolling block, trap door, or break action. This includes, but is not limited to, rifle actions such as Sharps, Browning, Ballard, Hepburn, Martini, Springfield Trap Door, Stevens, CPA, Ruger #1-2-3, Remington rolling block, .43 Spanish rolling block, H&R break action Handi & Topper styles, and many other similar rifle actions and rifle types. Winchester, Henry, Marlin, etc, lever action 19th century style rifles are allowed but must be fired as single loaded only, but no pistol cartridges. In addition ...

  • The current minimum RIFLE cartridge is .40 caliber.
  • Lead bullets (pure or alloy) only.
  • Iron sights only (no scopes or red dots).
  • Powder - black, substitute, smokeless, or duplex loads.
  • Prone, sitting, kneeling or off-hand shooting, your call.
  • Support by cross-sticks or slings only, no bench shooting.


    Just show up with your rifle, ammunition, shooting accessories, spotting scope, ear and eye protection, and your good safety consciousness. Match items would be provided as needed - target faces, score cards, pit communications, and awards.

    If you have questions about the rifle, cartridge and caliber that can be used, or any other comments about these matches, please email Rob@BuffaloRifles.org
    ... or call Rob at 201.573.0080

    2016 Rogue Buffalo Rifle Match Schedule

    Saturday August 13th (completed)
    Saturday September 17th (completed)

    These are all typically 200 yard matches, but we're planning on eventually having at least one Rogue Match at the 300 yard range and take advantage of both the longer distance and covered shooting shed - so get a 300 yard sight mark!

    A typical 1st place Rogue Match award - A fifty round figured hardwood loading block, will handle most rifle calibers and is perfect for .40 thru .45 cartridge calibers.

    Contact Rob for more info or questions - 201-573-0080 - rob@buffalorifles.org